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Japanese researchers said resolved wireless charging for ele

Author:Source:Datetime: 2016-03-14

The electric car is now a hot market, but this problem restricting the rapid spread of this new energy vehicles, charging inconvenient. Japanese researchers have invented a new method, the electric vehicle charging in the process of moving, motorists do not have to always thinking about looking for a charging station.

Electricity passing through the incoming car tire on the road

Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan showcase wireless charging technology trade show held in Yokohama.

Researchers public roads in Japan with the same concrete bricks in the booth on both sides of the white base, pedestal built generator. Each placed a full-size tire on both sides of the brick, both connected to the wire, the wire and the middle is still attached to a light bulb.

Concrete bricks 10 cm thick. The researchers say that the the generators power of 50-60 watts of electricity through the bricks incoming car tires. Lamp shiny is tire Charged proof.

British "Daily Mail quoted the words of Professor research is responsible for the NPC level Hyo reported, even concrete thick and then doubled, it will not affect the electrical conduction. In actual use, generator power must achieve the presentation model 100 times before charging the electric vehicle traveling. However, this is technically not a problem.