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The Foton will begin production for the car battery

Author:Source:Datetime: 2016-03-21

  • Foton Motor is the early entry into the field of new energy vehicles, car prices. Prior to that, they use the car battery through outsourcing. Recently, Foton Motor announced its construction in Beijing with an annual output of 100,000 battery power base, with a view to supporting new energy to the company`s models do reserve.
    Beijing Foton began in 2003 to research new energy vehicle technology. 2009 launched the first pure electric vehicle fans Di pure electric CDV Fukuda. The car is loaded with high-performance lithium battery packs, full time electric driving range of up to 150-200 km, was called the global pure electric CDV first car. So far, Fukuda and has a series of new energy vehicles, domestic car prices in the most comprehensive category. Including Midi pure electric car Mongolia Parker hybrid, Ou Hui fuel cell buses, European hui pure electric cars, Auman heavy truck hybrid, electric sanitation trucks Auman, Omar may the Ollin light pure electric sanitation trucks, etc..
    In recent years, as the country to promote the development of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle sales in Futian gradually expanded. Until the end of last year, Fukuda has successfully to market over 5000 new energy vehicles. This year, Fukuda successful 1000 for the Beijing municipal sanitation pure electric vehicle procurement contracts, to further promote the sales of electric cars in Futian embarked on a new level. According to the deputy general manager of Foton, marketing general manager Wang introduced to silver, to 2015, Fukuda`s new energy automobile production and sales proportion will reach more than 15%.
    Due to the uncertainty of the power lithium battery market, Fukuda had mainly through foreign purchase vehicle battery pack to the development of electric vehicles. Power battery suppliers, including the AC Propulsion famous electric vehicle and powertrain system design company in Los Angeles. In recent years, with the domestic electric vehicle market is constantly open, in order to further improve the grade of electric cars, and to achieve better integration of resources to control costs, Fukuda also began to plan their own production power battery. Disclose According to Foton party secretary Zhao Jingguang, Fukuda annual production capacity of 100,000 battery power base had been initially planned to start in two to three years. Put into operation of the battery power base, a strong follow-up support will be provided for the development of new energy vehicles in Futian.