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Breakthrough in battery industry management system

Author:Source:Datetime: 2016-03-14

New energy vehicle power battery system downstream industry chain from battery raw materials, a battery is a critical component, single battery, battery management system, new energy automobile, China to catch up in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric automobile industry the world automotive power, we must increase efforts to support the industrialization of the battery management system to nurture independent, professional battery management system suppliers. Only battery management system of R & D personnel in order to realize the automotive technology with the traditional single battery technology on downstream convergence to propose a single battery consistency and reliability of performance requirements, to promote of monomer battery production enterprise technology improvements and improved. It is understood that the current domestic monomer battery group technology, modular technology is not yet mature, the key issue is not sophisticated battery management system, the performance of the entire battery pack will be greatly affected if a single battery failure reliable battery management system design reasonable control algorithm to avoid these problems. Therefore, to solve this problem is to accelerate the vehicle power battery industry development a top priority.
From the perspective of power battery industry chain, can really do `Hanlaobaoshou "First is the battery management system suppliers, these enterprises are the most profitable of the upstream and downstream industries, followed grasp the market opportunities ahead single battery supply manufacturers and suppliers of core material. It is understood that the country has some of the enterprises involved in the field of battery management system and its test, but in its infancy.
In 2009, the new energy vehicles, lithium stocks represented by CITIC Guoan, Shanshangufen, Jiangsu Guotai, Tibet Mineral off the first shock of the Year of the Ox. As key components of electric vehicles, power battery material for the development of electric vehicles significance. The strong support of the National 863 Program, China`s energy-saving and new energy vehicles independent innovation made a historic breakthrough, monomer batteries, motors and other key parts of the research and development of breakthrough progress, accelerated the pace of industrialization, investment has intensified. The recently released "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization plan" also made it clear to the implementation of new energy vehicles strategies to promote pure electric vehicles, charging the industrialization of hybrid vehicles and their key components. Grasp the new energy vehicles dedicated engine and power module (motor, battery and management system, etc.) optimized design technology, the scale of the production process and cost control. establishment of a power module production system, the formation of a 10 billion Ah (Ah) cars with high-performance single battery production capacity. " This is not a small challenge for domestic battery manufacturers and battery management system suppliers.